Message from the President

Welcome to Barnard.

In the pages that follow, you will see what it means to explore a liberal arts education. You will find
courses in literature and the arts, in anthropology and politics, in languages and mathematics, in
psychology, neuroscience, and physics. You will find lectures taught by world-renowned scholars
alongside intimate seminars where faculty share their latest research and ideas. You will find classes in
subjects that you have been wanting to study for years, and others that may never have crossed your

There are hundreds of options waiting for you—now you simply need to choose. It can be hard to know
where to start, and how best to plot a course that will satisfy your intellect and your imagination. So
don’t rush. Take time to discover the possibilities. And feel free to take a risk. Choose a course that may
lead somewhere new. Take at least one class in a subject that unnerves you, and others that seem tailor
made. Because Barnard truly is the best of all worlds for students and faculty who care about the
fundamental disciplines that enhance our abilities as thinkers and doers.

I can imagine no better place to be than Barnard College. Here, you will be able to immerse yourself in
the joys and rigors of a classical liberal arts education—an education that will prompt you to explore the
world from a variety of different perspectives and through the lenses of multiple disciplines. With that
as your foundation, you can shape your own educational journey. I promise that is a journey that will
last a lifetime. I have no doubt that your time at Barnard will give you the tools you need to pursue
your passions with knowledge, confidence and humanity.

Revel in the options before you, and please enjoy the process.

Sian Leah Beilock