Officers of Administration

Debora Spar, Ph.D., President of Barnard College and Dean in the University and Professor of Political Science and Economics

Linda A. Bell, Ph.D., Provost and Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Economics

Gregory N. Brown, M.P.A, Chief Operating Officer of the College, Finance and Planning

Avis Hinkson, Ed.D., Dean of the College 

Dorothy S. Denburg, Ed.D., Vice President for College Relations

Gail Beltrone, Vice President for Campus Services

Carol Katzman, M.A., Vice President for Information Technology

Joanne Kwong, M.A., J.D., Vice President for Communications and Counsel to the President

Bret Silver, B.A., Vice President for Development

Jomysha Stephen, J.D., General Counsel


Michael Abamont, Theatre Coordinator, Glicker-Milstein Theatre, Student Life

Michael Abelaj, Director of the Project Management Office, Information Technology

Jeffrey T. Anbinder, Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts

Alan Anderson, Director, Mail and Print Services

Lillian Appel, Director of Major Events and Programs, Campus Services

Ann Aversa, Associate Dean of Campus & Residential Life, Residential Life and Housing

Ryan Gregory Bagley, Business Analyst, Advancement Services

Vera Bagnyuk, Senior Admissions Officer, Office of Admissions

Michael Banta, Production Manager, Theatre Department

Niki Barron, Senior Admissions Officer, Office of Admissions

Marcia Bassett, Archivist, Library and Academic Information Services

Courtney Bazan Colvin, Associate Director, Residence Life & Housing

Christopher Bean, Associate Director, Information Technology

Robert C. Beckmann, Supervisor, Public Safety

Kathryn E. Beisheim, Manager, Barnard Fund

Gail A. Beltrone, Vice President, Campus Services

Robin Beltzer, Senior Generalist, Academic Programs, Human Resources

Michelle S. Biller-Levy, Senior Admissions Officer, Office of Admissions

Ani Bournoutian, Associate Dean, International Students and Transfer Students

Sarah E. Boorsma, Department Administrator, Biological Sciences

Ani Bournoutian, Dean for Transfer Services, International Students, & Commuter Advising, Dean of Studies

Miriam J. Boyce, Senior Associate Director of Parents Giving, Major Giving

Florrie Brafman, Manager, Academic Information Systems & Services, Registrar

Jessica Brater, Department Administrator, Theatre Department

Deborah Bravreman, Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts

Constance Brown, Registrar

Page Buchanan, Animal Care Supervisor, Psychology Department

Krystyna  Bucharowski, Coordinator, Biological Sciences

Lisa Buonaiuto, Production Director, Communications

Israel Caban, Supervisor, Facilities Services

Lillian Caddle, Public Safety Manager, Office of Public Safety

Alexandra E. Cale, Manager, Electronic Communications, Communications Department

Jessica Cannon, Coordinator for Health Promotion & Education, Well-Woman

William Carrasco, Coordinator, Biological Sciences

Nicole Casten-Butler, Nurse, Primary Care Health Service

Gonzalo E. Cervantes, Associate Director, Information Technology

Valerie Chow, Program Director, Internship Program/Civic Engagement, Career Development

Harvey Cohen, Manager, Media Services, Instructional Media & Technical Services

Susan Cohn, Executive Assistant, College Relations

Lois Coleman, Research & Instruction Librarian, Library & Academic Information Services

Hilary Colenso, Director, Alcohol and Substance Awareness Program, Primary Care Health Service

Mary Commerford, Director & Associate Director, Health & Wellness Programs, Counseling Services

Olive Conteh-Martyn, Manager, Mail Services & Receiving, Mail and Print Services

Lucy Coolidge, Department Administrator, English Department

Astrid Cravens, Image Archivist, Library and Academic Information Services

Alex J. Cuthbert, Senior Information Specialist, Information Technology

Ann Dachs, Senior Admissions Officer & Pre-College Director, Office of Admissions

Julie K. D'Andrea, Director, Development Research

Daniel Davis, Associate Director, Facilities Services

Saul Davis, Director, Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

Amy R. De Robertis, Associate Director, Donor Relations

Hope T. Dector, New Media Manager, Barnard Center for Research on Women

Brianna Mary DeSantis, Associate Lab Director, Biological Sciences

Kathryn L. Desulis, Associate Director, Barnard Fund

Eileen M. DiBenedetto, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Controller

Karin Diamond, Associate Director, Financial Aid

Nanette DiLauro, Director, Financial Aid

Robin S. Dillon, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Health Services

Nell Dillon-Ermers, Department Administrator, Political Science

Laura Downs-Buma, Web Designer, Communications

Kathryn Dubowski, Manager, Psychology

Tiffany L. Dugan, Director, Events Management

Robyn Duran, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Health Services

Robert B. Earl, Jr., Director, Career Development

Michael Elmore, Director of Collection Services, Library and Academic Information Services

Elizabeth R. Elsass, Coordinator, Center for Toddler Development

Lesle Europe, Manager, Internet & Database Systems

Ann L. Engelland, Physician, Primary Care Health Services

Leslie A. Europe, Manager, Information Services

Mary A. Evans, Research Coordinator, Center for Toddler Development

Abigail Feder–Kane, Director, Institutional Support

Kara Feely, Costume Manager, Theatre

Danielle R. Feinberg, Department Administrator, Psychology Department

Robin Fennell-Nicholson, Department Administrator, Human Resources

Jennifer G. Fondiller, Dean of Admissions

Erin Fredrick, Director, Alumnae Affairs

Jenna Freedman, Coordinator, Research & Instructional Services, Library and Academic Information Services

Andres B. Garcia, On Call Supervisor, Public Safety

Amanda Gates Elston, Events Manager, Events Management

Catherine Geddis, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Senna H. Georges, Coordinator, Physical Education

Andrew L. Gerstmayr, Associate Director, Information Technology

Maria Giunta, Department Administrator, Biological Sciences

Antonio Gonzalez, Associate Director, Public Safety

Hayden Greene, Program Director, Leadership Development, Student Life

Jacqueline A. Greene-Hugh, Senior Accountant, Controller

Shaun C. Gunning, Research Director, Development Research

Aida L. Gutierrez, Associate Director, Information Technology

James T. Hanley, Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts

Elizabeth A. Hantman, Psychiatrist, Counseling Services

Curtis L. Harris, Manager, Institutional Support

Sarbani Hazra, Officer, Institutional Support

Anne Herlick, Nurse, Primary Care Health Service

Caroline M. Hewitt, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Health Service

Sasha Hill, Administrative Assistant, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Nancy Hirshan, Associate Controller, Financial Reporting and Financial Compliance, Controller

Lisa Hollibaugh, Associate Dean & First-Year Class Dean, Dean of Studies

Jane R. Holmes, Administrative Assistant, Office of the President

Louise T. Hood, Assistant Vice President, Development

David Hopson, Creative Director, Communications

Laura E. Hopwood, Network Technician, Information Technology

Timothy Howard, Project Assistant, Human Resources

Natalie Rose Howlett, Laboratory Specialist, Biological Sciences

Olga Hrycak, Learning Disability Coordinator, Disability Services

Teresa L. Hurst, Fellow, Counseling Services

Shion Ishikura, Associate Director, Barnard Fund

Onika Jervis, Associate Director, 116th Street Housing

Christina Johnson, Department Administrator, Purchasing and Stores

Dana Johnson, Manager, Academic Programs and Faculty Support, Office of the Provost

Precious R. Johnson, Technical Specialist, Information Technology

Anne E. Jonas, Program Manager, Barnard Center for Research on Women

Annette S. Kahn, Editor, Barnard Magazine, Communications

Robert Kahn, Associate Director, Educational Technology, Instuctional Media and Technical Services

Sheetal Kale, Assistant Gerneral Counsel

Won Kang, Associate Director for Student Employment, Career Services

Tyson Kaup, Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost

Patricia Keim, Assistant Vice President, Communications

James G. Kelly, Supervisor, Public Safety

Marybeth Kemm, Associate Registrar

Ruth Khaleel, Department Administrator, Information Technology

Aaron Kinard., Manager, Document Services, Mail and Print Services

Matt Kingston, Associate Director, Housing Operations, Residential Life and Housing

Tovah P. Klein, Director, Center for Toddler Development

Annemarie Kocab, Lab Manager, Psychology Department

Kathryn Kolbert, Contance Hess Williams Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

George P. Koserowski, Supervisor, Public Safety

Ellyssa Kroski, Information Services Technologist

Christina Kuan Tsu, Associate Dean, Pre-law Advising and Sophomore Class Dean, Dean of Studies

Janet L. Landis-Frey, Senior Manager, Financial Aid

Jessica Lee, Senior Admissions Officer, Office of Admission

Susan V. Lee, Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid

Sara A. Leger, Manager, Development Events, Development

Joseph LeSauter, Senior Research Scientist, Psychology

Joyce Lewandowski, Program Director, Orientation and Activities, Student Life

Abigail Lewis, Associate Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Audra Lewton, Director of Gift and Estate Planning, Major Gifts and Assistant General Counsel

Cecelia Lie, Coordinator, Writing & Speaking Programs, English Department

Hilary Lieberman Link, Acting Vice Provost

Suqing Liu, Lab Administrator, Chemistry

Karen R. Lynch, Technical Specialist, Information Technology

Douglas Maget, Director, Purchasing and Stores

Mike Malena, Information Systems (HRIS) Analyst, Human Resources

Afiya Mangum, Psychologist, Counseling Services

Eduardo Marcial, Supervisor, Public Safety

Elida Martinez-Gaynor, Academic Counselor, C-STEP

Tracy Mazza, Senior Generalist, Human Resources

Allison Lynn McDonald, Director, Donor Services

Christine McGregor, Office Manager, Financial Services

Sarah Meadows, Department Administrator, Chemistry Department

Carolyn Middleton, Senior Associate Director, Office of Admissions

Keri-Ann Miller, Senior Accountant, Controller

Sun Min, Media Relations Director, Communications

Morgan Murray, Director, Office of Disability Services

Nancy Jeanne Mustachio, Director of Enterprise Applications, Information Technology

Vani M. Natarajan, Librarian, Libaray and Academic Information Services

Miriam Neptune, Instructor & Media Specialist, Instructional Media and Technical Services

Alexandra Nestoras, Senior Associate Director, Career Development

Sarah Noel, Counselor, Career Development

Lisa Norberg, Dean of the Library & Academic Information Services

Jessica L. Nunez, Associate Dean for Student Life

Rodolfo Nunez, Director of IT Infrastructure, Information Technology

Oluwamayowa A. Obasaju, Staff Senior Psychologist, Counseling Services

Gilles Obermayer, Coordinator, Dance Department

Robert O’Connor, Department Administrator, Economics Department

Grace Ong, Database Specialist, Administrative Systems, Information Technology

Daniel Ortiz, Admissions Systems Manager, Office of Admissions

Maria Padilla, Supervisor, Public Safety

Rebeca Palacio, Associate Director, Multiculutral Recruitment, Office of Admission

Victoria Passarella, Career Counselor, Career Development

Dianna M. Pennetti, Director, Public Safety

Maria Perez-Martinez, Operations Coordinator, Film Festival, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Sumerita Persaud, Director, Payroll, Controller

Pamela Phayme, Program Director, Diversity Initiatives, Student Life

Daren W. Phillips, Supervisor, Facilities Services

Pam Phillips, Administrative Assistant, Barnard Center for Research on Women

DiAnn K. Pierce, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Office of the President

Ilya Pisman, Administrator, Information Technology

Karolina Rafalski, Associate Lab Director, Biological Sciences

Stephanie Raptis, Assistant Registrar

Karen Raven, Assistant Vice President, Development

Minerva Read, Associate Bursar, Controller

Benjamin J. Riendeau, HR Generalist, Human Resources

Denis F. Riker, Associate Controller, Bursar-Controller

Celeste L. Rivera, Manager, Alumnae Affairs

Tomika Rodriguez, Leadership Development Training Manager, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Rachel Romesburg, Coordinator, International Programs

Rosemarie Ronde, Supervisor, Public Safety

Robin Roy, Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts

James Runsdorf, Associate Dean, Fellowship Advising & Junior Class, Dean of Studies

Faith Rusk, Manager, Alumnae Affairs

Requel Russell-George, Associate Director, Advancement Services

Suzanne Ryan, Associate Director, Advancement Services

Beth L. Saidel, Special Assistant to the President & Head Writer, Office of the President and Communications

Genealle Salazar, Counselor, Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Catherine Sameh, Associate Director, Barnard Center for Research on Women

Ivan Santiago, Loan Officer, Financial Aid

Laura Paine Schiff, Administrative Assistant, Office of International Programs

Kristin Schmid, Executive Assistant, Office of the President

Aaron Schneider, Senior Associate Dean & Senior Class Dean, Dean of Studies

Alan Schwartzman, Associate Director, Administrative Systems, Information Technology

Alexis K. Seeley, Manager, Instructional Media and Technical Services

Ravital Segal, Assistant Teacher, Center for Toddler Development

Marjorie K. Seidenfeld, Medical Director, Primary Care Health Service

Susan Seigle, Coordinator, Alumnae Affairs

Melanie Sherman, Dietitian, Primary Care Health Service

Jacqueline Sirgo, Counselor, Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Carly Sorscher, Associate Director, Alumnae Affairs

Deborah Staab, Senior Editor and Managing Editor BC Magazine, Commnications

Adjua Starks, Assistant Dean, Pre-health Professions Advising & Academic Assistance, Dean of Studies

Lindsay Stuffle, Manager, Communications

Victoria Swann, Director, User Services, Information Technology

Katharine Swibold, Executive Assistant, Development

Jennifer Syva, Department Administrator & Analyst, Finance and Planning

Martina Szarek, Web Editor, Communications

Abigail Talcott, Stewardship Officer, Donor Relations

Rachel Tannenbaum, Associate Director, Career Development

Purnima Taylor, Program Director/Employer Relations & Campus Recruitment, Career Development

Pedro Tejeda, Technical Specialist, Information Technology

Emily Thomas, Lab Manager and Research Technician, Psychology Department

Tricia Toliver, Technical Director, Dance Department

Michell Tollinchi-Michel, Assistant Dean & Director of Academic Success and Enrichment Programs, Dean of Studies

Caroline L. Toy, Associate Director, Advancement Services

Vivian Tran, Web Programmer, Internet & Database Systems

Karina V Trujillo-Sanchez, Associate Teacher, Center for Toddler Development

Michael Valdez, Technical Specialist, Information Technology

Regina Valdez, Manager, Campus Space & Events, Events Management

Heather Van Vokingburg, Data Librarian, Library and Academic Information Services

Julio Vazquez, Director, Facilities Services

Kervin Vidal, Supervisor, Custodial Services, Night, Facilities Services

Erin Vilardi, Program Director, Leadership Development, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Alyssa Vine, Associate Director, Media Relations, Communications

Megan Wacha, Research and Instruction Librarian, Library and Academic Information Services

Elliot Wasserman, Department Administrator, Primary Care Health Service

Dorothy Weaver, Director, Development

Sandra M. Wiley, Research Analyst, Development Research

Dawn Williams, Associate Director, Barnard Fund

Gwendolyn Williams, Manager, Academic Administration, Office of the Provost

Hope Williams, Payroll Analyst, Controller

Linwood Williamson, Supervisor, Facilities Services

Gregory J. Winkler, Technical Director, Theatre

Heidi Winston, Librarian, Library and Academic Information Services

Paul Woo, Technical Specialist, Information Technology

Carol Wynne, Manager, Facilities Services

Marika, Yip-Bannicq, Assistant Teacher, Center for Toddler Development

Gretchen Young, Dean for International Programs

Nikki Youngblood, Director, Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Laura Yow, External Credit Coordinator, Registrar

Rhonda Zangwill, Senior Associate Director, Institutional Support

Amy Zavadil, Director, Dean of the College

Ming Zhang, Associate Director, Internet & Database Systems

Tom Zwicke, Manager, Maintenance & Operations, Facilities Services