Sian Beilock, President

Linda A. Bell, Provost and Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Economics

Leslie Cawley, Associate Provost for Budget & Planning

Eileen DiBenedetto, Associate Vice President for Finance 

Giorgio DiMauro, Associate Provost for International Initiatives and Special Projects 

Jennifer Fondiller, Vice President for Enrollment 

Rebecca Friedkin, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Natalie Friedman, Dean of Studies

Catherine Geddis, Vice President for Human Resources

Robert Goldberg, Chief Operating Officer

Victoria Gordon, Acting Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Jennifer Green, Dean of the Library

Saskia Hamilton, Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Curriculum

Carol Katzman, Vice President for Information Technology

Patricia Keim, Assistant Vice President for Marketing & Communications

Christina Lopez, Dean of Admissions

Anna O'Sullivan, Assistant Vice President for News & Strategic Communications

Noah Rachels, Associate Vice President & Chief of Staff, Development

Alyssa Schiffman, Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Karen Sendler, Executive Director for Alumnae Relations

Gabrielle Simpson, Vice President for Communications

Andrea Stagg, Deputy General Counsel

Jomysha Stephen, Vice President for Legal Affairs, General Counsel, & Chief of Staff to the President 

Cynthia Yang, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President

Lisa Yeh, Vice President for Development & Alumnae Relations