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APMA E2101 Introduction to Applied Mathematics. 3 points.

Lect: 3.

Prerequisites: Calculus III.

A unified, single-semester introduction to differential equations and linear algebra with emphases on (1) elementary analytical and numerical technique and (2) discovering the analogs on the continuous and discrete sides of the mathematics of linear operators: superposition, diagonalization, fundamental solutions. Concepts are illustrated with applications using the language of engineering, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. Students execute scripts in Mathematica and MATLAB (or the like) to illustrate and visualize course concepts (programming not required).

Spring 2019: APMA E2101
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
APMA 2101 001/67134 T Th 1:10pm - 2:25pm
501 Northwest Corner
Yuan He 3 93/164