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APMA E3102 Partial Differential Equations. 3 points.

Lect: 3.

Prerequisites: (MATH UN2030) or the equivalent

Introduction to partial differential equations; integral theorems of vector calculus. Partial differential equations of engineering in rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates. Separation of the variables. Characteristic-value problems. Bessel functions, Legendre polynomials, other orthogonal functions; their use in boundary value problems. Illustrative examples from the fields of electromagnetic theory, vibrations, heat flow, and fluid mechanics.

Spring 2019: APMA E3102
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
APMA 3102 001/27989 T Th 4:10pm - 5:25pm
413 Kent Hall
Donsub Rim 3 51/70