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APMA E4901 Seminar: Problem in Applied Mathematics. 0 points.

Lect: 1.

Prerequisites: (APMA E4200) and (APMA E4204) or their equivalents.
Corequisites: APMA E4200,APMA E4204

This course is required for, and can be taken only by, all applied mathematics majors in the junior year. Introductory seminars on problems and techniques in applied mathematics. Typical topics are nonlinear dynamics, scientific computation, economics, operation research, etc.

Fall 2018: APMA E4901
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
APMA 4901 001/73217 W 11:40am - 12:55pm
750 Schapiro Cepser
Chris Wiggins 0 49/50