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BIOL BC1502 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology. 3 points.

Prerequisites: BIOL BC1002 or equivalent preparation. Course suitable for fulfillment of premedical requirements. Together with BIOL BC1500 this course is part of a yearlong introductory sequence. BIOL BC1500 and BIOL BC1502 do not need to be taken in sequence.

Detailed introduction to cellular and subcellular biology: cell structures and functions, energy metabolism, biogenesis of cell components, biology of inheritance, molecular genetics, regulation of gene expression, and genes in development.

Spring 2019: BIOL BC1502
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
BIOL 1502 001/04239 M W F 9:00am - 9:50am
304 Barnard Hall
Jonathan Snow, James Casey 3 217/230


Barnard College

...Biology & BIOL BC1501 Introductory Lab in Organismal and Evolutionary Biology ) or the spring ( BIOL BC1502...