BIOL BC2851 Plants and Profits: The Global Power of Botany. 4 points.

The course is part of the Barnard Teaches program. It will have a lab that will teach science and digital skills and on Thursdays two consecutive times are scheduled to allow lecture and lab to accommodate trips to NYBG.Not offered during 2020-21 academic year.

Prerequisites: Strongly recommend prior enrollment in BIOL BC1001 or 1002, or in BIOL BC 1501 and 1502, or the equivalent. Students need to understand genetics and must be prepared to read professional science literature. Science students must be prepared for lengthy reading assignments.

Sustaining complex human systems requires plants, which in turn depend on soils, geology, and climate. With that reality in the foreground, this course will foster fluency and expertise in classical and cutting edge botanical science: genetics, genomics, biogeography, conservation biology, economic and ethno-botany. At the center of its investigations will be the ongoing digital revolution, recognizing that natural history has been and will continue to be essential to all of the plant sciences. The course will encourage interdisciplinary perspectives, pushing students outside of their intellectual comfort zones and aiming to comprehend plant biodiversity from a multiplicity of human perspectives.