BIOL BC3306 Project Laboratory in Molecular Genetics. 3 points.

Not offered during 2019-20 academic year.

Prerequisites: BIOL BC2100 or permission of the instructors. Enrollment is limited to 16; must attend first lab to hold place.

Laboratory course in which students conduct original research projects in molecular genetics. Students will participate in experimental design, conduct data analysis, and work with key techniques for studying gene structure, expression, and function including nucleic acid extraction and synthesis, cloning, bioinformatics analysis, PCR, and qPCR. Students will present their results orally and in writing. Enrollment in both semesters (BIOL BC3305 and BIOL BC3306) of this full-year course is required, and fulfills two upper-level lab courses for the Barnard Biology major. Must be taken in sequence, beginning in the fall.