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BIOL BC3352 Development. 3 points.

Prerequisites: (BIOL BC1500 and BIOL BC1501 and BIOL BC1502 and BIOL BC1503 and BIOL BC2100) BIOL BC1500, BIOL BC1501, BIOL BC1502, BIOL BC1503, and BIOL BC2100 or equivalent.

Introduction to animal developmental biology and its applications. This course will examine the basic mechanisms through which animal bodies organize themselves, from an integrative perspective at the levels of genes and gene networks, cell properties and behaviors, coordinated interactions of cells in developing tissues, organs and organ systems, and the role of developmental processes in morphological evolution. Topics include: fertilization, cleavage and gastrulation, establishment of body axes, neural development, organ formation, tissue and organ regeneration, stem cells and medical applications, evolution of developmental programs, and teratogenesis.