BIOL BC3597 Guided Research. 4 points.

Prerequisites: Permission of a faculty sponsor.

Similar to BIOL BC3591-BIOL BC3592, this is a one-semester course that provides students with degree credit for unpaid research without a seminar component. You may enroll in BIOL BC3597 for between 1-4 credits per semester. As a rule of thumb, you should be spending approximately 3 hours per week per credit on your research project.


Project Approval Form must be submitted to the department each semester that you enroll in this course. Your Barnard research mentor (if your lab is at Barnard) or internal adviser in the Biology Department (if your lab is elsewhere) must approve your planned research before you enroll in BIOL BC3597. You should sign up for your mentor's section. 


This course does not fulfill any Biology major requirements.  It is open to students beginning in their first year. 

Fall 2020: BIOL BC3597
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
BIOL 3597 001/00103  
Elizabeth Bauer 4 2
BIOL 3597 002/00104  
Hilary Callahan 4 1
BIOL 3597 003/00105  
John Glendinning 4 9
BIOL 3597 004/00106  
Paul Hertz 4 0
BIOL 3597 005/00107  
Allison Lopatkin 4 1
BIOL 3597 006/00108  
Jennifer Mansfield 4 2
BIOL 3597 007/00109  
JJ Miranda 4 2
BIOL 3597 008/00110  
Brian Morton 4 0
BIOL 3597 009/00111  
Alison Pischedda 4 4
BIOL 3597 010/00112  
Jonathan Snow 4 6

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