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EDUC BC3032 Contemporary Issues in Education. 4 points.

Prerequisites: the instructor's permission. Course enrollment will be determined after the first class meeting; application is available on CourseWorks.,,Open to all students; preference given to Urban Teaching, Education Studies and Urban Studies students.

Contemporary Issues in Education is an introduction to the range of intellectual dilemmas that are a part of American schooling through the illumination of the various social, philosophical, economic, and institutional forces that shape the learning environment. The topics serve to promote critical thought of educational dilemmas stemming from issues such as power and authority, the intersection of race, gender, socio-economic inequity, and challenges that confront students such as identity, marginalization and resiliency. This course is open to all students interested in investigating one’s best “fit” in the education realm, which may include classroom teaching, educational policy, reform, and NGO-based involvement.