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EDUC BC3051 Seminar in Urban Education. 4 points.

Not offered during 2019-20 academic year.

This seminar serves as the capstone course for students pursuing the Education Studies minor/special concentration or the Urban Studies major/concentration with an Urban Education Specialization.

The Seminar in Urban Education explores the historical, political and socio-cultural dynamics of urban education in the U.S. context. Over time, a range of social actors have intervened in the “problem” of urban education, attempting to reshape and reform urban schools. Others have disputed this “problem” focused approach, arguing that policy makers, teachers, and researchers should start from the strengths and capacities located in urban communities. Despite decades of wide ranging reform efforts, however, many urban schools still fail to provide their students with an adequate, equitable education. Seminar in Urban Education investigates this paradox by pursuing three central course questions: 1) How have various social actors tried to achieve equity in urban schools over time? 2) What are the range and variation of assets and challenges found in urban schools? and 3) Considering this history and context, what would effective reform in a global city like NYC look like? Students will engage these questions not only through course readings and seminar discussions, but through a 40-hour field placement in a New York City public school classroom, extra-curricular program, or other education based site.