EEEB W4110 Coastal and Estuarine Ecology. 4 points.

CC/GS: Partial Fulfillment of Science Requirement

Prerequisites: Environmental Biology I or the equivalent.

Environments close to shore are hugely ecologically important, not least in terms of their contributions to biodiversity, primary and secondary productivity. Coastal and Estuarine Ecology introduces students to a range of nearshore habitats and biota, the processes that operate in these environments, and potential threats through, for example, habitat destruction and alteration, overfishing, and climate change. Field research makes up a large component of the course and its assessment, with students given the opportunity to build proficiency in field observation and enquiry through either several short field trips or a week-long trip to a dedicated marine station. The specific structure of the trip(s) will be determined during the fall, with more details and regular updates listed on the Courseworks site. Please note: occasional field trips on Fridays and Saturdays are required for this course.