FILM UN2410 Laboratory in Writing Film Criticism. 3 points.

Priority is given to film majors.

Prerequisites: the instructor's permission. Applicants must submit a writing sample, approximately 3 pages long, to for permission to register.

Focusing on new and recent films, this course will help students improve their ability to analyze film, and to create strong arguments in an original voice (a skill that translates to other kinds of writing, including film pitches). In addition to screenings and discussions, we will do in-class writing, and evaluate recently published criticism. The course is based on the assumption that there is no right or wrong opinion, just better or worse arguments, which the course and the instructor’s individual comments on papers will help you refine. Regular writing assignments include short reviews and longer essays. Prerequisite: Non-majors require instructor’s permission. Submit a short writing sample to Film majors should register on-line, and you will be moved from the Wait List to the roster. Note: because permission is required, on-line registration may say the course is full when it is not.