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HRTS G4210 Equality, Identity and Rights. 3 points.

Priority given to human rights studies M.A. students. Open to 3rd 4th year undergraduates on first day of term.

This course examines one of the main dilemmas in human rights theory and practice: the balance between equality and identity. Such balance is studied in three different stages: the foundation for human rights, the content of human rights, and the goals sought in drafting a body of human rights' norms. In order to debate different concepts of equality and their connection to identity and difference, some core questions are explored: What type of equality are we looking for: complete equality of results, complete equality of opportunities, equal treatment, equality of respect, equal consideration of preferences, equality of resources, equality based on needs, equality of agency, equality of freedom? Is it equality for whom? Finally, the course discusses the rights of differently situated groups: national minorities, indigenous peoples, racial minorities, women, LGBT, persons with disabilities, children, and religious groups.