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IEOR E3608 Foundations of optimization. 4 points.

Lect: 3. Recit: 1.

Prerequisites: (MATH UN2010)
Corequisites: COMS W3134,COMS W3137

For undergraduates only. This course is required for all undergraduate students majoring in IE, OR:EMS, OR:FE and OR. This class must be taken during (or before) the fifth semester. Introduction to mathematical programming models and computational techniques. Linear programming and the simplex method, dynamic programming, implicit enumeration for integer programs; production planning applications. IEOR E3608 must be completed by the fifth term. Only students with special academic circumstances may be allowed to take these courses in alternative semesters with the consultation of CSA and Departmental advisors. Recitation section required.

Fall 2018: IEOR E3608
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
IEOR 3608 001/63734 T Th 4:10pm - 5:25pm
451 Computer Science Bldg
Jay Sethuraman 4 95/100
IEOR 3608 R01/16777 F 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Room TBA
4 0/0