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KORN UN3006 Third-Year Korean II. 5 points.

Prerequisites: KORN W1202 or the equivalent and consultation with instructor. (See Entrance to Language Courses Beyond the Elementary Level in the main bulletin under Department of Instruction -- East Asian Languages and Cultures.)

Readings in modern Korean. Selections from modern Korean writings in literature, history, social sciences, culture, and videos and class discussions.

Spring 2018: KORN UN3006
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
KORN 3006 001/64576 M T W Th 10:10am - 11:15am
522d Kent Hall
Hyunkyu Yi 5 10/15
KORN 3006 002/63942 M T W Th 10:10am - 11:15am
36 Union Theological Seminary
Beom Lee 5 9/15

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