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SOCI UN3225 Sociology of Education. 3 points.

All of us have spent many years in school and understand that schools impact our lives in important ways. But how exactly does formal schooling shape young people? And how do students make sense of their lives in the context of schools and educational systems more broadly? In this class we will examine education as a central institution in modern society, and we will grapple with an important question: What role does education play in reinforcing or challenging broader patterns of social inequality and mobility?   Particular emphasis will be placed on higher education as a critical site in which these processes take shape.

Spring 2019: SOCI UN3225
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
SOCI 3225 001/07492 M W 5:40pm - 6:55pm
Room TBA
Amy Stuart 3 40/40