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CSER UN3970 Arab and Asian Diaspora in Literature and Film. 4.00 points.

This course explores contemporary Arab and Asian Diasporic cultures and history through literature and film produced by writers and filmmakers of these communities. As a starting historical point, the course explores the idea of Arabness and Asianness, and examines the Arab and Asian migration globally. By reading and viewing the most exciting and best-known literary works and films produced by these writers and filmmakers, students will attain an awareness of the richness and complexity of these societies. Additionally, students will read historical and critical works to help them have a deeper understanding of theses creative works. This class combines the critical with the creative—students have to read and critic memoirs as well as write a final 10-page creative writing piece. Discussions revolve around styles and aesthetics as well as identity and cultural politics. Some of the writers and filmmakers the class will cover include, Wajdi Mouawad, Amin Maalouf, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Anthony Shadid, Hisham Matar, Kim Thúy, Jane Jeong Trenka, Nadine Labaki, Fatih Akin, Hong Khao and so forth