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DNCE BC2567 Music for Dance. 3 points.

Prerequisites: Previous dance experience is necessary, a comp course in the dpt is preferered, permission of instructor

This course covers basic music theory, ear training, and literature, incorporating practical exercises in which students apply musical understanding to compositional and performative modalities of movement. Students will investigate the elements of music that drive dance, the expressive influence dance can have on music, and the vital reciprocity between both activities. Emphasis will be placed on an historical survey and analysis of western musical forms from the Middle Ages to the present as well as influential music from other cultures, expanding students’ awareness of the aural characteristics of a variety of musical styles while giving historical context and critical perspective on contemporary popular styles.


In addition to lectures and reading requirements, the course involves listening assignments and in-class exercises structured to develop basic musical literacy and skills. Students will be introduced to multiple approaches to listening and to creating music through a combination of studio practice, theoretical study and analysis. Exploration of musicality as perceived by performer and audience will be covered, as well as learning conventional music terminology.

Spring 2022: DNCE BC2567
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
DNCE 2567 001/00670 T Th 2:40pm - 3:55pm
11 Barnard Hall
Robert Boston 3 10/20