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ECON BC3031 Economics of Life. 3 points.

Prerequisites: ECON BC3035 ECON BC3018 Econometrics previously or concurrently taken is highly recommended.

This course covers an immense variety of topics in what might be called demographic economics. Included are dating and marriage, along with the economics of beauty; fertility and its avoidance; how people use their time, and what determines those uses, including some discussion of labor-force behavior; interactions among family members—bargaining in the household and with family members outside the household; divorce; the economics of addiction, to such agents as alcohol, other drugs, tobacco and even work; religion, including its effects on economic outcomes; and death, including how we die, how long we live, and the nature and determinants of bequests. The central unifying feature throughout the course is the concentration on the economics of these activities and outcomes—the roles of incentives and institutions in affecting them.