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ELEN E1101 The digital information age. 3 points.

CC/GS: Partial Fulfillment of Science Requirement
Lect: 3.

An introduction to information transmission and storage, including technological issues. Binary numbers; elementary computer logic; digital speech and image coding; basics of compact disks, telephones, modems, faxes, UPC bar codes, and the World Wide Web. Projects include implementing simple digital logic systems and Web pages. Intended primarily for students outside the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The only prerequisite is a working knowledge of elementary algebra. 

Fall 2021: ELEN E1101
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
ELEN 1101 001/11038 T Th 11:40am - 12:55pm
Room TBA
David Vallancourt 3 50/120