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(Please note that you do not need to take ENGL BC3204 World Literature Revisited I and ENGL BC3205 World Literature Revisited II in sequence; you may take them in any order.) What/where/whom constitutes the world in World Literature? Traditionally, why have some types of writing and inscription been privileged over others when determining the category of literature? How can we read and trace literary influence across these literatures without reducing them to a mere repetition of the same themes and ideas? Finally, we will think about the role that translation plays in the production and politics of World Literature and how the issue of translation differentiates between the disciplines of Comparative Literature and World Literature.This course will be taught over one year. Taking both halves of the course is recommended, but not required. In the first semester, we will deal with ancient texts until around the 14th century, and our focus will be origin stories and epic narratives, lyric poetry, and sacred/religious texts

Fall 2021: ENGL BC3204
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
ENGL 3204 001/00428 T Th 10:10am - 11:25am
Room TBA
Atefeh Akbari Shahmirzadi 3.00 16/25