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FREN BC3054 Translation Through FIlm. 3 points.

Not offered during 2021-22 academic year.

Prerequisites: Course capped at 15.

Using filmic dialogue as a medium, this course seeks to develop skills in "spoken" or "live" translation from French into English. This practice, close to consecutive interpretation (oral translation), will help students to augment and refine their fluency in French. All aspects of language will be involved: grammar, vocabulary, tone, register and context, but in a manner more "immediate" than with the translation of written texts. Six French films will be chosen from a variety of periods and genres from which segments will be isolated for interpretation (oral translation). A preliminary discussion of each film will precede the work in translation. FREN BC1204: French Intermediate II or the equivalent level is required.

Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

Barnard College

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