Welcome to Barnard College! 

The following pages are more than a list of courses. They are an invitation — from Barnard to you — to shape your own academic journey. You will encounter a diverse range of perspectives throughout your time here. Nowhere is that more evident than in our course catalog. 

You’ll see opportunities to join lectures with professors who are the world’s foremost experts in their fields. You’ll read about small seminars that give you the chance to have deep discussions with your peers and instructors. Every course you take will challenge your thinking and expand your world. 

Know that there are no wrong answers. There is no “perfect” path to uncover. And always remember: The beauty and flexibility of a Barnard education lie in the hundreds of options and thousands of permutations before you right now. 

Take risks. Be uncomfortable. Enroll in a course about something you’ve always been fascinated by and another about a topic you’ve never thought about. Consider a course that will give you room to confront ideas that will stretch your mind. 

You never know what you may discover. 

Finally: Take your time. Revel in this experience and let your mind wander to the possibilities in front of you. Whatever you decide, wherever you land, you are embarking on a world-class education that will leave you prepared to change the world. 

President Laura Rosenbury