Course Listings

We invite you to use this interactive and searchable catalogue for program planning. 

You will find current information for all courses offered at Barnard, along with links to Columbia courses, the University Directory of Classes, and departmental websites.

The Curriculum

Listings of courses in this catalogue is not a guarantee of their availability, and the College may revise its degree requirements from time to time.

Reading the Course Listings

Certain courses are offered in both Fall and Spring terms and may be taken in either term.

The following alphabetical prefixes designate the Division of the University for whose students the course is primarily offered, or indicate joint courses:

BC - Barnard College

CC - Columbia College

UN - Undergraduate Students

GU - Undergraduate and Graduate Students

GR - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

GS - School of General Studies

PS - School of Professional Studies

AF - School of the Arts (Film)

AR - School of the Arts (General)

AS - School of the Arts (Sound Arts)

AT - School of the Arts (Theatre)

AW - School of the Arts (Writing)

AV - School of the Arts (Visual Arts)

S - Summer Session

H - Columbia University in Paris

The level of the course is generally as follows:

1000-3999 Undergraduate

4000-4999 Advanced undergraduate and first-year graduate

5000-8999 Graduate, normally not open to undergraduates