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Barnard College the fall ( BIOL BC1500 Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology & BIOL BC1501 Introductory Lab...

Environmental Science

Barnard College

...and BIOL BC1500 Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology , plus the corresponding lab, BIOL BC1501...

Neuroscience & Behavior

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...average grade of B- or better in BIOL BC1500+1501 & 1502+1503 an average grade...


The goals of these discussion sections include providing a space to build community during remote learning and promoting opportunities for active engagement with the lecture material. These discussion sections will also serve as a space for students to consider science from multiple perspectives beyond discipline-specific content in the lecture and text (e.g. hearing guest lectures from BIPOC scientists, considering racial disparities in health outcomes, etc.). Participation will include posting on discussion boards between sessions, delivering short presentations during discussion, working well with partners, and making thoughtful comments during the discussion period

BIOL BC1500 Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology. 3 points.

Prerequisites: This course is suitable for majors fulfillment of pre-health requirements. A high school biology background or equivalent preparation is highly recommended. For those without this background seeking to major in biology, BIOL BC1002 BIOL BC1012 are recommended in the fall of their freshmen year, followed by the year-long 1500-level lecture lab sequence. BIOL BC1500 BIOL BC1502 do not have to be taken in a fall to spring sequence.

Detailed introduction to biological phenomena above the cellular level; development, anatomy, and physiology of plants and animals; physiological, population, behavioral, and community ecology; evolutionary theory; analysis of micro-evolutionary events; and systematics.

Fall 2021: BIOL BC1500
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
BIOL 1500 001/00302 M W F 9:00am - 9:50am
Room TBA
John Glendinning, James Casey 3 94/100